Visit a Mattress Store in Manhattan, KS and Sleep Well in Your College Dorm

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So, you’re a college student writing out a checklist of the things you want to bring with you to the dorm. You’ve added to your list things like clothes, school supplies, window coverings, room decor, desk accessories and a few mementos from your childhood bedroom. You have even remembered to include bed sheets, but have you given any thought to the mattress you will be sleeping on? Many students living in dorms across the country choose to bring their own; maybe you should, too!

Make time to visit a mattress store in Manhattan, KS before classes start. Here are five advantages of bringing your own mattress to your college dorm room:

  • It’s perfect for your body type: Chances are, there will not be a time when you can try out your future dorm room mattress. So, how will you know if it’s a good fit, the perfect fit for your body type and your sleep habits? The only way to know for sure is to bring your own, if the dorm allows it.
  • Avoid having to use a cheap and uncomfortable mattress: Since students are constantly rotating in and out of living in the dorms, a college campus is likely to not worry too much about the quality of their mattresses. The reality is that college dorms can save money purchasing cheaper mattresses and replacing them rarely. Unfortunately, a cheap mattress is going to feel cheap, look cheap and be uncomfortable to sleep on. Bring a mattress of your own to ensure consistently good sleep.
  • You’ll feel less homesick: No matter how strong you are emotionally, leaving home for the first time can cause homesickness. Sure, those regular calls to your parents will help, but things won’t feel as they did when you were living at home. In this case, you might consider taking your broken-in mattress with you to college—and use your old sheets for an extra dose of home!
  • You will get quality sleep: Especially as a student, you need quality sleep on a regular basis so you can learn, study and succeed, as well as not miss classes because you’re too tired. Sleep is also important to ward off negatives, like stress and body aches, and crucial for maintaining good health. Getting enough quality sleep can be achieved when you lay your head and body down on the ideal bed for your body type.
  • Only you have slept on it: Unless you happen to get dorm reservations the semester the school invests in new mattresses, you will be using one that’s been previously slept on. If the thought of doing this bothers you, bring your own!

Keep in mind that the quality of your dorm mattress can greatly affect your ability to learn; adequate sleep and the amount of sleep you get are crucial. When your next school break rolls around, be sure to check out the great selection of mattresses at Beds for Less. We are your go-to mattress store in Manhattan, KS—we have great beds at affordable prices, and look forward to helping you pick one out!

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