Is a Queen Size Box Spring Too Large for Your Narrow Apartment?

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Moving into a new apartment is exciting, especially for college students who might be experiencing true independence for the first time in their lives. This excitement can quickly dissipate, though, if you realize that you can’t fit the queen size box spring you’ve already purchased into your new place. Before you buy your box spring, take a look at some of the options that are available to you with the help of a mattress store in Manhattan, KS.

Split queen boxes

A split queen box set is two individual halves of a box spring that measure 30” x 80” each, for a total of 60” wide and 80” long. The smaller dimensions of these individual pieces make them much easier to move, and the structure of the set offers more than enough support for your queen mattress. In fact, they might even offer more support, because there is more steel or metal overall present in the construction of the foundation for extra strength. They are also much lighter and easier to maneuver, which is extremely helpful for students who might have to move every semester.

Similarly, queen space savers are another option you could explore if your standard queen box is too large for your apartment. Space savers are easier to transport, can be moved around in tight and narrow spaces and allow you to have both a foundation and a mattress that will help ensure that you get the sleep you need.

Determining what you need before moving in

The best way to find out if your queen box spring will fit into your bedroom is to ask the landlord. They have undoubtedly seen many students move in and out over time, and they will certainly know better than anyone if this has been an issue in the past. It they are accessible, you can also ask the previous tenants if they experienced any hardships moving their standard queen size box spring into the home.

If neither of these individuals is available for you to ask directly, you can perform your own investigation within the home as well. Before you begin bringing your possessions inside on move-in day, take a look at the walls, ceilings and doorframes of your new space. If you notice there are scratches and dents on the walls or ceilings, it is probably a sign that previous residents struggled with trying to force an unwieldy square queen box into the bedroom. A fresh layer of paint in these same areas could also be an indication of previous difficulties during move-in.

If your investigation reveals that you need to seek alternative options, give us a call at Beds For Less. The pros at our mattress store in Manhattan, KS have been helping students find solutions to all kinds of unique bedding situations since 2004, and we offer a number of back-to-school sales to help ensure that students are prepared for the new school year. Contact us today so we can make sure you have everything you need to get a good night’s rest in your new apartment.

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