Enjoy the Many Health Benefits of an Adjustable Bed Base and Mattress in Manhattan, KS

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We are all aware of the importance of a good night’s sleep, though not everyone is lucky enough to get a solid seven to nine hours per night. Poor sleep can be attributed to many things, like stress, body pains and even your genetics, but the problem could easily be your mattress or bed support. Your wellbeing is worth it to try out a new bed to see if that corrects your sleep issues.

If you are living with one or more of the following health concerns, then you may benefit from sleeping on an adjustable bed base and mattress in Manhattan, KS:

  • Back pain: Living with chronic back pain can make your life difficult. To alleviate back pain, consider sleeping on an adjustable bed that provides proper support for the spinal cord and puts you in a more natural and comfortable sleep position based on your body type. Unlike a traditional flat bed, adjustable beds raise the legs, and will even bend the knees to take pressure off the spine. Wave goodbye to back pain and restless sleep!
  • Sciatica: Those suffering from sciatica will benefit greatly from sleeping on an adjustable bed. By closely matching the contours of your body, the bed adjusts to take pressure off and support the spine so the trapped nerves can release tension, leaving you pain-free.
  • Snoring: If you or your bed partner snores, give adjustable beds a try. Laying on a flat bed causes your windpipe to close under the weight of your neck, but the incline of these beds will help improve snoring, as it props you up slightly to remove that weight. Snoring sounds will be reduced and your sleep quality will improve.
  • Digestive issues: Many Americans suffer from common digestive issues, like heartburn and acid reflux, which can make sleeping a challenge. An adjustable bed allows you to position yourself at the recommended 6-inch incline to aid the digestive process during the night.
  • Poor circulation and swelling: Broken limbs, strained joints and parts of your body with pulled muscles typically need to be elevated to prevent or reduce pain. The same goes for sore, tired feet and legs from standing all day at work. An adjustable bed is the perfect remedy.

When it comes to choosing an adjustable base for your bed, here are some key steps to take to enjoy a better chance of satisfaction with your purchase:

  • Select a mattress first: Be sure to select a mattress before choosing an adjustable base. It needs to suit your body type and sleep style.
  • Test the bed: Each model bed offers its own capabilities. Try them out to make sure they do what you want, don’t squeak and suit your needs in general.
  • Buy from a reputable store: Always buy from a store with a good reputation that carries quality, well-known brands. Salespeople should be knowledgeable and honest.

Well-rested people function better during the day, and they are less likely to be stressed, achy and short-tempered. If you’re in dire need of quality sleep, come on over to Beds for Less to get an adjustable bed base or new mattress in Manhattan, KS today!

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