What to Look for When Buying a Mattress in Manhattan, KS

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Choosing a new mattress is not as easy as it may seem. Of course, you could take the first one you try out at the store out of convenience and a lack of patience. But if the bed doesn’t work out for you, you will have to go through the hassle of returning it and choosing another one. Even worse, you may decide to buy a mattress online. Unless you’ve tried out that exact mattress in a store recently and know it’s what you want, steer clear of making an online mattress purchase.

There are a few qualities you want to look for in a mattress to ensure quality, pain-free sleep. Here are the main factors that play a big role when choosing a new mattress in Manhattan, KS—and don’t forget to test out a few in person before buying!


The best mattress for you will offer adequate support for your spine and the natural contours of your body, as well as support your weight no matter the position you move into during the night. The part of the mattress that provides support is its core—three common types to choose from are foam, latex and innerspring:

  • Memory foam: This type works well with an extra firm base. These mattresses have less spring and you won’t sink in much past the top layer. Ask an expert to help you choose the right foam thickness for your needs.
  • Latex: These beds are firm, yet still offer a bit of buoyancy or springiness. Choose natural latex instead of synthetic, because real latex is resistant to dust mites and mold.
  • Innerspring: Get an innerspring mattress if you like the bouncy feel—the thickness and firmness determine how springy it’ll be. They are typically fiberfill or have a foam outer layer covered in a thick quilted layer.


Everyone has their own mattress comfort preference. How comfortable a mattress will be for your body is dependent on a few things, such as the type of mattress, the age of the mattress, whether it has a pillow top or not, your sleep position and personal health issues. An extra padding on top provides much of the comfort. One thing you do want to do is try out a few mattresses before buying. Sit on them, lay on them in all positions, do a bounce test and inspect for quality.


Mattresses are a personal choice, and the one you choose depends on your lifestyle. For example, things like your sleep style, body type, health and bed partner’s sleep style all need to be taken into account to ensure you choose the right mattress. Do you have back or other health problems? Do you tend to sleep in one position? Do you snore? Remember, while one mattress may work well for one person, it might not for another.

Support, comfort and lifestyle are all very important qualities to take into consideration before making a final decision. Whether you are looking for a memory foam, Tempur-Pedic, hybrid or innerspring mattress in Manhattan, KS or an adjustable bed base, you’ll be happy to know that Beds for Less has it all. Visit our store today!

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