Tips for Choosing the Ideal Bed for Your Spare Room: Info from a Mattress Store in Manhattan, KS

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Do you have an extra room in your home you keep for guests? If so, you might be in the market for a mattress for your guest bed. Many people simply use old mattresses they have had in their house already, but if you don’t already have a mattress or your old mattresses are no longer reasonably usable, you should give some careful consideration to what type of bed you will put in your spare room.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the ideal bed for your guest room, which you can use next time you visit your local mattress store in Manhattan, KS:

  • Select the space first: Before you buy the bed, make sure you have already identified the space that will serve as your guest room. People who have larger homes tend to prefer to have the guest room situated away from the main living areas and, if possible, have the guest room in an area where it can have its own bathroom. In smaller homes or apartments, the guest room might need to be a combination with an existing den space or a home office. Consider the space that is available in the room of your choice.
  • Consider your entertaining needs: How often do you have overnight visitors, and who are those visitors? Do you have family visiting several times a month, or do you only have a house guest a couple times a year? If you have enough space and entertain regularly, it can be nice to have a king or queen sized bed for your guest. However, if you entertain less often or do not have much space, a smaller bed or even a futon could be more practical for your needs.
  • Make comfort a priority: In some cases, it’s not enough to just use an old bed you already had lying around the house. You don’t want your guests to be extremely uncomfortable while staying with you. Instead, choose a bed that still offers plenty of support, and hasn’t seen more than five or six years of continuous use. Keep in mind where the bed is coming from—used mattresses could harbor germs, bedbugs or mites.
  • Keep your budget in mind: Most people don’t make their guest rooms a major priority in their house, as they are likely to see less usage. If you aren’t going to have guests regularly staying with you, it’s totally fine to spend less money on the mattress. It’s not a bed that’s going to be used by you or your family members every single day, which means you do not have to be quite as discriminating in your choice.
  • Ask your regular guests about their needs: If you do have guests who frequently stay with you, consider getting their input about the type of bed they most prefer to sleep in. This can help make your choice a bit easier.

For more tips about choosing a guest bed, contact our mattress store in Manhattan, KS today.

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