How New Mattress Companies Are Changing the Market for Sleep

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The mattress industry has seen some big changes over the last decade or two. There is more of a focus than ever on high-quality memory foam mattresses, while also having some very generous return policies. They have had to start finding new ways of marketing to millennials in particular, as these young adults have come to a point in their lives at which they are purchasing furniture of their own and not relying on hand-me-downs.

Here’s an overview from our mattress store in Manhattan, KS about the transformation the market has seen in recent years and some of the advances being made in the mattress world.

People are finally making sleep a priority

For years, we had seen people in the business world—especially high-power executives—practically bragging about how they don’t get enough sleep. It became normal, almost implicitly expected, that people in the “rat race” would get just a few hours of sleep per night and fuel themselves with multiple cups of coffee every single day.

A couple factors have changed this. First, the recession changed the way a lot of people thought about their work and financial lives. Second, around that same time and since then, millennials began flooding the job market, and have taken a different approach to their work lives. A work-life balance has become more important, and people are focused on getting more sleep in particular.

This, in turn, has made people focus more on mattress quality, as the mattress is one of the primary factors in the quality of sleep you’ll get.

Factors causing a market boom

It’s not just changing mindsets and a need for more and better sleep that has caused a sudden explosion in the mattress industry. The ways mattress companies operate have also been a significant factor. Here are some examples of other factors causing the market to blow up:

  • Online orders: There has been a massive surge in online shopping across the board, and that includes the mattress industry. Mattress companies have developed new, innovative means of packaging and shipping mattresses, so people are more comfortable than ever purchasing a mattress online without having had the chance to try it out in the store.
  • Simplified choices: In the past, people were overwhelmed by all the choices available to them in the mattress world. Companies became wise to this, and discovered that younger people especially were being overwhelmed by the combination of too many choices and high prices. Therefore, companies began simplifying their offerings. Now you’ll find that all companies generally have at least one mattress model at a low price point, and that they have found ways to make the choices easier for customers than ever.
  • New ways of branding: Mattress companies have started to change the way they brand themselves. No longer are they solely in the business of selling beds—they’re also lifestyle brands. They’re encouraging people to come to them with sleep concerns, and training “sleep experts” to give people more information about healthy sleep habits.

These are just a few examples of how the mattress industry has changed in recent years. For more information, contact our mattress store in Manhattan, KS today.

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