What Is an Adjustable Base?

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How often have you wished you could sleep in a different position? Whether you suffered an injury, wanted to read a book in bed or simply couldn’t get comfortable, you may have dreamed of a bed that offered more than one flat position. Your dream has come true. Adjustable bases for mattresses in Manhattan, KS are the perfect solution.

These convenient creations have been available for decades, but they were originally marketed for health issues only. Hospital beds, for example, offer the versatility of an adjustable base. However, you don’t have to be admitted as a patient to enjoy the comforts of an adjustable base. They offer many options for healthy individuals, too:

  • Head adjustment: Have you ever tried to prop yourself up with pillows to read in bed? What about enjoying breakfast in bed? Perhaps you were down with the flu and needed to be served soup in bed. These tasks are much easier if the bed adjusts. An adjustable base raises the heads of mattresses in Manhattan, KS up for convenience and comfort.
  • Feet adjustment: Sometimes, it’s beneficial to be able to raise or lower your feet in bed. If you need to adjust your legs due to an injury, want to improve circulation or simply prefer to bend your knees a bit while you sleep, the foot adjustment feature makes all of this possible.
  • Memory adjustments: If you discover a favorite position, some adjustable bases allow you to save this configuration. With the press of a button, the bed will return to this position. This makes it easy to flatten the mattress for making the bed, then restore it to sleeping position when you return to it at night.
  • Massage: Who doesn’t like a relaxing massage? Those willing to spend a little extra on their adjustable base can add a massage feature. These typically offer one to three zones of vibration. Some also allow you to adjust the intensity of the massage or create different patterns.
  • Remote use: When you want to adjust your mattress in Manhattan, KS, an adjustable base allows you to do so with the use of a remote. Some remotes are wireless, while others are hardwired to the bed. Some even allow you to control the bed via an iPhone app. That’s right—in our new world run by the Internet of Things, even beds are smart now!
  • Technology: Some of the higher-end adjustable bases offer additional features that use technology to add even more convenience to your sleep habits. One of these options is a port to charge your phone. Another is an “anti-snore” feature, which adjusts the bed slightly to gently change the sleeper’s position and stop the snoring without waking him or her up.

Are you intrigued by the options available with adjustable bases for mattresses in Manhattan, KS? To find out more, contact the sleep experts at Beds for Less. Our team of professionals can answer any questions you have and help you choose the best option to perfectly suit your sleep needs.

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