I Need a New Mattress… But What’s the Difference Between Mattresses in Manhattan, KS?

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So, you’re ready to retire your old mattress and choose a new one. The problem is, you don’t know which of the mattresses in Manhattan, KS is best for you. Your sleep and your health depend on choosing a quality product that meets your sleep needs. To help you navigate the process of selecting the best mattress for you, we’ve put together the following guide. Use this overview of the most common mattress types to decide which offers the characteristics you need to match your sleep style, lifestyle and budget:

  • Memory foam: These mattresses in Manhattan, KS offer several benefits. Their unique material offers a beneficial combination of flexibility and firmness. This makes memory foam mattresses good for pressure point relief, back support and pain relief. They are also accommodating for those who like to sleep in different positions, and they minimize bed movement for those sharing a mattress with a spouse. Hypoallergenic memory foam materials can also prove helpful for those with allergies and can reduce the likelihood of dust mites.
  • Innerspring mattresses: This is the oldest and most common type of mattress. These mattresses in Manhattan, KS are likely the ones you grew up sleeping on as a child. They offer a wide variety of styles, so you can choose the firmness you prefer. They are also economical, as they one of the more affordable options available. Innerspring mattresses have also started incorporating more materials and options, such as latex and memory foam components, that provide even more variety to their selections. For many, the familiarity of these common mattresses is advantageous because it is easier to choose which one they will like based on previous experience.
  • Gel-based mattresses: Gel-based mattresses in Manhattan, KS are less common, but they offer their own unique advantages. Their top three qualities are durability, affordability and hypoallergenic materials. These mattresses are often made of natural materials that offer an environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic option. These materials can also breathe, which means the mattress does not trap your body heat, offering a cooler, more comfortable night. As with memory foam, these mattresses also provide stability when one person shifts position in the night, creating fewer disturbances for the other person sharing the mattress.
  • Air mattresses: These are not typically used for every-night sleep, but they can be handy in many situations. If you are traveling, camping or expecting extra overnight guests, these can provide the perfect solution. Air mattresses in Manhattan, KS are easy to set up, take down and store. They also offer versatility in firmness based on the amount of air inserted. Air mattresses are also very affordable, providing an economical option for a guest room.

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