Top Five Mattresses in Manhattan, KS for Hot Sleepers

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Most people sleep better at cooler temperatures. It’s common to turn down the thermostat at night to save money on utility bills and to create a better atmosphere for sleeping. This reduction in temperature is more important for some sleepers than others. Some people simply sleep hot. They find it hard to get comfortable on certain mattresses in Manhattan, KS because they can’t stay cool enough through the night.

If this is you, your overheated, sleepless nights don’t have to continue. Quality mattresses in Manhattan, KS include many that will help the hot sleeper. Choose one of the following mattresses to help you keep cool and get your rest:

  • Budget: If you’re on a tight budget for mattress shopping, consider the Casper Essential. This economical option is made like an expensive mattress but at an affordable price. It offers breathable, open-cell foams to sleep cool. The three levels of foam include pressure-relieving memory foam, support and soft comfort. It also includes an upholstery-grade cover that withstands years of use.
  • Luxury: If you’re looking for luxury, the GhostBed Luxe is ideal. This mattress features seven-layer cooling technology. It is the only mattress with two stages of cooling, offering surface cooling and core cooling. Its unique ghost ice layer uses cutting-edge technology to capture heat and create a cool environment. For those with a bigger budget, this mattress is worth the investment.
  • Foam: Among foam mattresses, one of the best is Leesa. The Leesa Mattress is designed with a combination of performance foam layers. These provide cooling bounce that allows proper airflow for a cooler night’s sleep. It also provides contoured pressure relief and core support. This combination results in a cool, comfortable night.
  • Innerspring: Do you prefer something more traditional? The innerspring mattress has come a long way in recent years. For a cooler sleep on this longtime favorite, try the WinkBeds mattress. This is a hybrid design which merges designer foam and classic innerspring characteristics for cool comfort at a reasonable cost. The best feature for hot sleepers is the coolControl™ option that allows you to customize your sleep temperature.
  • Couples: Perhaps you’re not shopping for a mattress alone. You need something that is great for sharing. For couples, the Brooklyn Aurora is a great option. This mattress features TitanCool™, which draws heat away from the body. This unique surface offers high conductivity properties that maintain optimal temperatures for each individual sleeper. Whether you, your spouse or both of you are hot sleepers, this mattress will help diffuse the heat so you can sleep.

Don’t spend another night tossing and turning in the heat. Get the perfect mattress to keep cool and keep sleeping the whole night through. Contact the experts in mattresses in Manhattan, KS at Beds for Less today. We’ll help you choose the ideal mattress for your hot-sleeper needs. Our experienced staff offers in-depth knowledge of the best mattresses in the industry. We will partner with you to pair you with the perfect mattress for your sleep needs. Stop in our store for a great selection, visit us online or call us today!

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