Does the Price of a Mattress Really Make a Difference in Manhattan, KS?

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How much would you pay for a good night’s sleep? How much should you pay? It really is possible to pay six figures for a mattress. While a $100,000 mattress may be a bit extreme, are you really getting more for your money when you pay more for a mattress in Manhattan, KS?

It’s important to see what you are getting for your money when you do actually pay more. Judge for yourself if it’s worth the difference.

Foam Mattress

The most affordable type of mattress you will buy for a good night sleep is a foam mattress. Foam mattresses are made of either memory foam or polyfoam. The high-density foam does an excellent job of supporting your body as you sleep. The downside to a foam mattress is that it tends to get very warm at night, making it more difficult for some sleepers.

The cost of a foam mattress increases with the density of the foam. The lower foam density degrades quicker and will not retain its shape as long. It will need to be replaced sooner. Polyfoam is also cheaper than memory foam. While some people do not notice the difference, you might. It’s worth trying it for a night to see if you don’t mind being without the memory foam.

There is also an option to use specialty foams that are infused with a type of gel that will make beds cooler or more comfortable. That will make the foam mattress a little more expensive. For many people, foam mattresses are an economical way to get a great sleep.

Innerspring Mattress

The innerspring mattress will most often cost more than a foam mattress. These are the traditional coil mattresses. A benefit is that they are the longest lasting mattress. Another advantage is that they are cooler than the foam. However, the innerspring mattress will not contour to your body the same way a foam mattress will.

The cost of an innerspring mattress typically depends on the number of coils that are in the mattress. The cost of the mattress always increases by the number of coils inside. It is assumed that the higher the coil count, the greater the comfort. This is not always true. The coil type will also factor into the cost. It’s best to test the bed yourself to see if the extra comfort is worth the extra cost.

Latex Mattress

When looking for a mattress that does not hold in heat, latex is your answer. However, this type of mattress is considerably more expensive that both foam and innerspring mattresses. Latex mattresses do not last as long either.

There are two types of latex mattresses—manmade or natural. As with all organic products, the natural latex is more expensive than the synthetic latex. Another cost consideration would be the density of the latex. The softer latex, which is said to be more comfortable, costs more.

Hybrid Mattress

One of the most expensive mattresses is the hybrid. This is a hybrid between two or even three types. The mattress should have at least 2 inches of memory foam or latex in the comfort layer and then a support core made up of the highest quality of coils, pocket coils.

These mattresses are said to be the best of all worlds. They feature the support of a foam mattress, the coolness of latex with the durability of an innerspring mattress. These types of mattresses, depending on the materials, can get very expensive.

Choosing Your Mattress in Manhattan, KS

Do you get more for your money when you pay more for a mattress? The answer is yes. But what you actually need varies with each individual sleeper. It’s best to consult with the professionals.

At Beds for Less, we can help you find the perfect mattress that fits you. When it comes to shopping for a mattress in Manhattan, KS, we’ll provide you with the lowest prices and a 30-day guarantee!

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