Four Tips to Consider When Comparing New Mattresses in Manhattan, KS

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Mattress shopping can be a tiresome activity. Looking at dozens of seemingly identical mattresses in Manhattan, KS can fatigue shoppers and leave them wondering if there’s really any difference between each selection. If you feel like you’ve already seen this mattress under a different brand or model name, you could be right—the same mattress model may be sold by a different manufacturer or name at another store. One mattress could even cost less than the other. While this practice may seem questionable, it is actually a technique used by manufacturers to maintain the price integrity of the mattress.

Fortunately, as a consumer, you can beat the system by comparing the same models to ensure you get the best deal. Use these tips to identify whether it is the same mattress being sold in different places:

  • Check the specifications: The specifications sheets will likely hold the answers you are looking for. Most retailers will be able to provide a sheet that details each of the interior layers inside the mattress. It’s probably the same mattress if the inner layers are the same, in the same order and in the same proportions.
  • See through the exclusive features: Some stores will sell mattresses promising exclusive features. These may include an upgraded cover or a deluxe fabric. Usually, these are superficial additions that have little effect on the overall quality. They can boost the price of the mattress, though. Choose the simpler version over a feature-laden option if budget is a priority.
  • Be direct: Another option is to just be direct with the salesperson. Tell them what mattress you saw and where it was being sold. Many stores have a comparison sheet or can call the manufacturer to determine whether there is a comparable mattress available. Most salespeople will be more than happy to check for you if it will help a customer find the perfect mattress at their store. Unfortunately, some will try to convince you that a different mattress is the same or just try to push a different model. Don’t hesitate to move on to a different store if you are not convinced.
  • Consult the manufacturer: The manufacturer may be able to help in your search. They can look up the mattress using the model number to check whether it’s the current year model or if it has been discontinued. Check whether the store has exclusive rights to the mattress, or if multiple stores are authorized to sell it.

Consumers have the right to find the perfect mattress at the affordable price—even if it means comparing the same mattress at different retailers. Most stores will be more than happy to help if it may mean a sale for them.

On the other hand, mattress shopping shouldn’t be a challenge. That’s why Beds For Less is the top choice for new mattresses in Manhattan, KS. We offer the most competitive prices every day, so buyers always know they are getting the best deal without any risk or hidden fees. Stop by today to shop our extensive selection of the top brand names!

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