What’s the Difference Between Microfiber Sheets and Bamboo Sheets?

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Few things feel quite as great as climbing into a bed made with a fresh set of sheets. Whether you just purchased a brand-new bed or you’ve had your mattress for years, the right sheets can make all the difference when it comes to your comfort and the quality of your sleep. However, it can be challenging to pick out a new set of sheets when there are so many options out there. Take a look at some of the highlights of a couple of the most popular types of sheets—microfiber and bamboo—to help you narrow down your choices. Then, check out the selection at your local mattress store in Manhattan, KS!

Microfiber sheets vs. bamboo sheets

Microfiber and bamboo sheets are similar in texture, although they are made of different combinations of materials. In addition to their comfort and softness, both microfiber and bamboo sheets are durable and can last for a long time. Another great feature of both microfiber and bamboo sheets is that they are affordable options compared with some other sheet materials.

One of the most appealing things about bamboo and microfiber sheets is the fact that they are both very breathable. Since sheets made with bamboo and microfiber tend to be thin, they don’t absorb moisture like other types of sheets do. They are easy to wash and don’t tend to trap stains and odors. These synthetic materials are easy to keep clean and fresh and require much less maintenance than other kinds of sheets, including silk.

The primary difference between microfiber and bamboo sheets is the relative sustainability of the materials themselves. Bamboo sheets appeal to consumers who are looking for environmentally sustainable products. Since bamboo can be grown in just a few months, it’s considered a very sustainable product.

Another difference between bamboo and microfiber sheets is that bamboo sheets tend to be more expensive than microfiber. Because of the complexity involved with processing bamboo to be made into sheets, the entire process is more time-consuming and more expensive than the process of making microfiber sheets. Still, you can usually find both bamboo and microfiber sheets at reasonably low prices at a mattress store in Manhattan, KS. You’ll be using your sheets on a daily basis for years, so it’s worth it to pay a slightly higher price for higher quality bamboo or microfiber sheets.

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