The Benefits of Adjustable Bed Frames

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From simple designs to intricate and high-tech models, our options for bed frames these days are seemingly endless. Your best choice for a new bed frame, though, may very well be an adjustable one. Keep reading to learn about the benefits offered by Glideaway adjustable bed frames in Manhattan, KS:

  • Ease back pain: Lying flat often isn’t the best position for our backs, especially for folks with back pain who need added support at night. A new mattress may help ease some of this back pain, but the best way to get the support you need is to swap out your old bed frame for an adjustable one. You can move an adjustable bed frame to match the curve of your spine as closely as possible.
  • Enhance circulation: Those with blood circulation issues often have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep, as the pressure while lying down makes it impossible to get comfortable. Those with an adjustable bed frame, however, can raise or lower the position of the bed to keep their blood flowing and stay comfortable throughout the night.
  • Alleviate breathing problems: Sleep apnea, snoring and a host of other issues are all caused by breathing problems at night. The best way to mitigate those issues is to raise your head while you’re asleep. Unfortunately, that can be pretty tricky if you have a standard bed frame. Raising the level of your head with an adjustable bed frame will take some weight off your trachea, allowing for improved airflow throughout the night. You’ll sleep much better without sleep apnea symptoms, and your partner won’t be bothered by your snoring!
  • Improve digestion: Acid reflux and heartburn keep millions of Americans up at night. Taking over-the-counter medicines before bed can help relieve these issues, but the best way to cure acid reflux and heartburn is to swap out your current bed frame for an adjustable one. Raising your head and neck while you’re in bed keeps stomach acid in place, ensuring better digestion and eliminating your acid reflux symptoms.
  • Help cure insomnia: Discomfort while lying down is one of the most common causes of insomnia. On bad nights, you could be tossing and turning for hours trying to find a comfortable position. With an adjustable bed frame, though, you can quickly find your ideal position and sleep soundly throughout the evening.
  • Further independence: Those with mobility issues often have a hard time getting into bed each evening. Luckily, that frustration can be alleviated with an adjustable bed frame. The ability to raise and lower one end of the mattress makes it much easier to get in and out of bed.
  • A better night’s sleep: All of the points above contribute to a nearly perfect night of rest. Sleeping through the night means you’ll wake up in the morning feeling totally refreshed and ready to take on whatever the day may bring.

Whether you want a new adjustable bed frame to help your back pain or improve your digestion, buy it at Beds For Less! Stop by our store today to check out our Glideaway adjustable bed frames in Manhattan, KS, and to learn more about all of their great benefits.

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