What Are the Temperature Differences in Mattresses?

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No two people sleep the same at night, and one of the most significant differences between folks is the temperature at which they sleep. Some people are freezing all night long, while others sweat profusely. A big reason for these temperature differences is the mattress. This post will teach you what you need to know about the temperature difference in mattresses, and what you can do to stay comfortable while you get some shut-eye:

  • Tempur-Pedic mattresses: In general, a Tempur-Pedic mattress in Manhattan, KS tends to sleep a bit hotter than other beds out there. The high-density foam that keeps you so comfortable also traps in heat, which isn’t ideal for the person who tends to be warm at night. Luckily for the hot sleepers out there, new memory foam mattresses can be gel-infused to keep you as cool as the other side of the pillow!
  • Latex mattresses: On the other end of the temperature spectrum, beds made of latex sleep much cooler at night. This does depend on the type of latex, though—natural latex sleeps much cooler than its synthetic counterpart, but both are cooler than many other types of beds out there.
  • Coil or innerspring mattresses: These beds get their names from the coils that make up the core of the mattress. Obviously, sleeping directly on metal coils wouldn’t be too comfortable, so the mattresses are topped with foam and fiber. This thick layer ensures peaceful nights of sleep, but these mattresses also tend to be pretty warm.
  • Waterbed mattresses: Since water temperature depends on the temperature in your room and absorbs your body heat, you’re much more likely to be cold at night than hot while sleeping on a waterbed. So, if you own a waterbed, be sure to have plenty of blankets on hand this winter!

If you’re too cold at night…

Follow these tips below if you’re too cold at night, and we guarantee you’ll sleep comfortably throughout the night from here on out:

  • Use an electric blanket: Electric blankets come in handy for those who sleep cold at night, especially in the winter months. Switch on your electric blanket and you’ll never have to worry about shivering in your sleep again.
  • Wear socks: Your feet are very sensitive to temperature, so keeping them warm at night is paramount if you want your whole body to feel warm.
  • Get a new mattress: If you’re sick and tired of being cold, consider purchasing a new Tempur-Pedic mattress in Manhattan, KS. Not only will you sleep better at night on the memory foam, but you’ll stay nice and toasty, too!

If you’re too hot at night…

Do you sweat through your clothes and sheets each night because you’re too hot? That’s okay—these pointers will have you sleeping like a baby without any discomfort:

  • Switch sheets: Heavy sheets will only lead to worse temperature issues. Consider switching to bamboo or all-natural cotton sheets, which are much more breathable and also moisture wicking.
  • Try a new mattress: You may want to consider ditching your old bed for a type that’ll keep you cooler at night, like a latex mattress. Come in and talk to our sleep experts about which mattress will be best for you.

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