Choosing the Best Mattress for Your Child

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Since a good mattress can last up to 10 years, it makes sense to put your kid in a quality bed soon after they outgrow their crib. But before paying a visit to a mattress store in Manhattan, KS, check out this guide for selecting the best mattress for your child.


Babies sleep in the safety of cribs until the age of two or three, when they begin transitioning to a big kid bed. Since kids grow up fast, parents might consider skipping a toddler bed and going straight to the next size up. Investing in a twin-sized children’s mattress, a twin XL or a full-sized young person’s mattress bed is the way to go in regards to longevity. A kid-sized twin mattress saves space in smaller bedrooms and shared sibling bedrooms, while a twin XL or full-sized bed may accommodate them well into their teenage years.


When shopping for a bed for your child, focus on the mattress just as you would if you were getting it for yourself. One major consideration is allergies. For example, some children with allergies might be sensitive to synthetic mattress materials. Synthetic materials have the potential to cause skin irritations, respiratory issues and other health problems for kids. If your child has allergies, choose an organic mattress or one made of natural materials, like natural latex, cotton, organic wool or bamboo. Read labels, and talk to a representative at your local mattress store in Manhattan, KS about your options.

Body support

Keep in mind that different types of mattresses will offer different support systems. You need to do your best to select the right support type for your child—the most popular types include memory foam and innerspring coils. Innerspring open-coil mattresses are the most common type for kids, featuring connected coils that offer support to the spine while also allowing pressure points to sink in.

Memory foam mattresses offer a unique type of support. A foam bed will mold to the shape of your child’s body, and the materials are hypoallergenic and tend to last much longer than coil spring mattresses. Some more expensive designs are gel infused to keep the body cooler throughout the night, while higher quality latex mattresses provide excellent body support and can last up to 30 years.

Bed foundation and frame

When it comes to a child’s bedroom, a simple platform bed will suffice. A platform bed is a type of foundation that’s perfect for most any mattress—use one and you avoid needing a box spring. This saves money and stops your small child from having to leap or climb into a bed that is set too high up. Alternatively, opt for a traditional bed frame to pair with a solid box spring. Select a box spring that’s the same size as the mattress so everything fits snugly inside the frame.

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