When Should I Replace My Mattress in Manhattan, KS?

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No matter what you do during the day, it’s important that you begin and end it sleeping comfortably on a good mattress. You can choose the best mattress for you and take good care of it, but you have to also know the time will come when it will need to be replaced. How can you be sure a replacement is necessary? Here are some telltale signs it’s time to start shopping around for a new mattress in Manhattan, KS.

Noticeable sagging

You can tell that it’s time to replace your mattress when you can actually see the mattress sagging in spots. This is the most visible indicator of an old or worn mattress, and it should not be ignored for long. Something you may not know is that sagging is a symptom that can present in all types of mattresses: springs break down, memory foam becomes softer and varying fibers in other materials get compressed. While a deep crater forming in the middle of your bed is obviously not good, neither are minor sags. In short, sagging takes support away from the most vulnerable parts of your body.

Lasting impression

If you have a memory foam mattress, pay attention to this point—you may not know it, but figuring out that you need to replace your memory foam bed can be tricky. It’s said that memory foam mattresses are supposed to remember your body and sleep positions. However, this is only true for a certain length of time and after so much use.

A foam mattress that is still in good condition should return to most of its original position once you get up. Unfortunately, time will take a toll on the cellular structure of memory foam. The foam will begin to break down, get softer and soon have trouble supporting you. The way you can tell it’s time to replace it is when your body impression stays well after you’ve left your bed. It’s also time to get a new mattress when impressions are deeper than two inches.

Body aches and pains

Sleeping should be a time to recuperate physically and mentally from the day. Waking up feeling even more tired than before you fell asleep, and with body aches and pains, is a sign your mattress needs to be replaced. Take note of how often you wake up with pain. Since it takes time for mattress materials to soften and degrade, it’s not unusual for those sleeping on a poor mattress to not notice a gradual lack of support for their neck, lower back and hips. Don’t let worn-down cushioning, loose springs and sagging materials create painful pressure points on your body!


Ideally, you would select the perfect mattress and keep it forever. But sadly, mattresses age just like everything else. Even if you take incredible care of it and none of the aforementioned signs are present, you must know that most mattresses will need to be replaced after seven to 10 years of use.

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