Things You Should Know Before Buying a New Mattress in Manhattan, KS

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The key to a good night’s sleep often starts with your bed itself. The right mattress will usher you right to sleep, whereas a bed that’s too soft or too firm will have you tossing and turning throughout the night. For this reason, it’s important to go about buying a new mattress in Manhattan, KS the right way. This post will teach you the basics you need to know about shopping for a new bed:

  • Focus on comfort: Finding a comfortable bed is the name of the game when it comes to mattress shopping. An uncomfortable mattress nearly guarantees a poor night’s sleep. Though you’ll certainly be able to “break it in” over time, making it a bit more comfortable, that can take months if not years.
  • Read some reviews: The internet can be an invaluable resource when it comes to shopping for a new mattress. There are tons of websites out there that have reviews for every mattress you can imagine. Real people—not marketing teams for mattress companies—will tell you what you need to know about that particular bed.
  • Test the mattress: While reviews can help you narrow down which mattress is right for you, it’s important to note that you shouldn’t solely rely on these reviews to make your decision. It’s vital that you visit a mattress store and try out these beds for yourself. Spend a day lying down on all of the different mattresses at a store—it can actually be quite a bit of fun!
  • Choose the size you need: Sizing is almost as important as the firmness level when it comes to mattresses. Too big and you won’t have room for any furniture in your bedroom, while too small and you might feel cramped at night while sleeping next to your partner. Luckily, our friendly staff members are here to help you pick out the perfect sized bed that’ll meet your needs without hogging up too much space in your room.
  • Stick to your budget: Overspending is one of the biggest mistakes people make when buying a new product. Don’t make that error with your mattress. Come into the store with a budget in mind, and find a bed that’s either at or under that price point. Trust us, your wallet will thank you in the long run!
  • Don’t rush: There’s no reason to speed through the mattress buying process—this is a huge decision you’re about to make. Setting aside plenty of time for mattress shopping helps ensure that you get the perfect new bed.
  • Consider all your options: There’s certainly no lack of mattress types or brands out there, so you need to be sure that you’re considering them all. From Tempur-Pedic beds to adjustable airbeds, leave no stone unturned when browsing for a new mattress.
  • Look for a warranty: Finally, check to make sure that your new mattress comes with a warranty. Most new beds will have some sort of warranty, but it’s not a guarantee.

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