Take Advantage of Mattress Sales in Manhattan, KS When “Life Happens”!

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Your mattress is one of those things that likely doesn’t get a whole lot of attention. It’s in your bedroom, you change the sheets and sleep on it. If you have kids or keep a guest room, those beds also get clean sheets and slept on. Think about how long you’ve had your mattress, then consider that sleep experts recommend springing for a new mattress every eight years, or a little more if the bed is not used often.

Length of ownership aside, what are some other reasons to buy new mattresses? The most obvious ones are directly related to your personal life. Here are six life changes that may have you checking out mattress sales in Manhattan, KS:

  • Moving in together: Whether being in a serious relationship or getting married has you moving in under the same roof as your special someone, chances are you are going to be sleep partners. This is the perfect opportunity to choose a brand-new mattress, one that works for both of you by offering compatible levels of support and comfort.
  • Having kids: Your kids will go through the stages of growing up in a flash. One day they are sleeping just fine in their toddler bed, and the next they need a mattress fit for a teenager. From toddler age to young adulthood, children can easily outgrow two or even three beds. Come check out the selection of mattresses at Beds for Less when the time comes!
  • Medical issues: When you or a member of your household is diagnosed with a medical condition, the doctor may recommend a certain type of mattress to help with comfort and recovery. This could simply mean upgrading to a new memory foam bed or opting for an adjustable model.
  • Caring for elderly parents: A major life event that can change your living situation is inviting an elderly parent to move into your home. To help them feel welcome, you might think about furnishing a private bedroom with everything from a desk to a reading chair to a brand-new mattress and bed frame. Before buying a new bed, find out what type of bed your mom or dad will benefit from sleeping on or require for medical reasons.
  • Adult children are coming home: The end of four years in college doesn’t guarantee a full-time job. This means your adult child might be calling to ask to move back home for a little while—time to fix up the old spare bedroom! Even if you’ve kept your kid’s childhood bedroom intact, the mattress will likely need to be replaced.
  • Divorce or breakup: You will go your own way after divorce or a breakup from a serious relationship. When this happens and you need to buy a new bed, take the time to find the perfect one just for you.

Beds for Less is always having great mattress sales in Manhattan, KS, so if it’s time for a new mattress, or if you’re furnishing a second or third bedroom, make sure you come by and check out what we have in stock!

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