Memory Foam vs. Hybrid Mattresses: Identifying the Difference

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If you’re getting the doctor-recommended eight hours of sleep per night, that means you’re spending a full third of your life in bed. But how much do you think about the mattress you sleep on? Do you wake up feeling refreshed, or groggy? Do you feel energized, or do your back, neck and shoulders ache?

The fact is that hybrid and memory foam mattresses in Manhattan, KS can be a great choice for people who value their sleep. Memory foam and hybrid mattresses are the two most-popular choices on the market today, though many people don’t know the differences between the two. Read on to find out more about these two leading mattress options.

Main differences

A hybrid mattress uses elements of traditional and contemporary mattresses to create a product that many people love. Memory foam mattresses are made using exclusively viscoelastic materials. Some memory foam mattresses also incorporate pocketed coils in an effort to prevent the sleeper from feeling like they’re being enveloped by the mattress.

Memory foam was originally developed in the 1960s for use in airplane seats. The material shapes and molds itself to fit with your body, providing a high level of support. In fact, many people prefer the cradling contour it creates and won’t consider sleeping on any other type of mattress. On the other hand, hybrid mattresses use innersprings and a latex or memory foam base in a blend that some people swear by. These are both different than the traditional innerspring model, which is considered less comfortable than both memory foam and hybrid models.

Pros and cons

Both mattress types come with pros and cons depending on the kind of sleeper you are. For the memory foam mattress, the benefits include lengthy warranties (often at least a decade), simple cleaning, superior contour and support and ideal spinal alignment. On the other hand, these mattresses can feel a bit hot, be difficult to move around in and offer little bounce.

The benefits of hybrid mattresses are that they are a bit bouncier for getting out of bed, offer good breathability, come in a variety of firmness options and reduce sinking into the bed. However, they may have high motion transfer, and are often difficult to move around in.

Ultimately, which bed you pick depends on your preferences. No matter which kind you’re looking for when scoping out mattress sales in Manhattan, KS, Beds for Less has choices that are right for you. We’re here offering no-nonsense deals on a wide range of excellent mattresses.

Our unique approach to mattress sales means you’ll never feel pressured into buying anything, and you’ll know exactly what the price is up front. There’s no bait-and-switch advertising to lure you in, only to sell higher-priced bedding. No high-pressure tactics, either—we won’t show or advertise phony regular prices and claim huge “savings” of 50 percent or more. Stop by our store today and see what we have to offer. You’ll sleep better tonight, and your back will thank us for years to come!

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