What Are the Benefits of Bamboo Sheets?

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When you’re shopping for a mattress in Manhattan, KS, you are likely thinking about the best sheets to use on your new bed. Have you considered bamboo? These sheets offer many benefits to help you get a better night’s sleep.

Your mattress store in Manhattan, KS offers insight into what makes these sheets different. Consider the following benefits of bamboo sheets as you decide which linens should cover your mattress:

  • Comfort: Of course, one of the main qualities you want from your sheets is comfort. Bamboo sheets offer incredible softness. They can be softer than 1,000 thread count Egyptian cotton. These sheets have been compared to the softness of silk and cashmere.
  • Breathability: Humid summer nights can make sleeping in Kansas difficult. Bamboo sheets offer natural breathability, which provides coolness and dryness that create the best sleeping conditions. These sheets are like a breath of fresh air breezing through your slumber throughout the night.
  • Coolness: Natural fibers feature an automatic thermostat that manages the material’s temperature. The thermostat in bamboo is naturally turned down, making these sheets cooler than other types of material.
  • Absorbency: Bamboo is an efficient moisture absorber. Because of this, bamboo sheets can remove sweat from your body better than other types of sheets. The result is a cooler and dryer sleep in the summer and a warmer, more comfortable sleep in the winter.
  • Sensitive: Bamboo is naturally resistant to diseases and insects, so few pesticides must be used to grow this plant. As a result, the fabric is more naturally hypoallergenic. If you often suffer with flare-ups due to chemicals and other harsh ingredients used in fabrics, you’ll sleep better with bamboo sheets on your mattress in Manhattan, KS.
  • Strength: Bamboo offers great strength, creating a material that is resistant to being pulled apart. A light and durable fabric, it makes the perfect long-lasting sheet set. If you’re tired of buying a new set of sheets every year, try this strong material for your next linen selection. Bamboo sheets can last up to three times longer than cotton sheets when cared for properly.
  • Sustainability: Bamboo grows quickly. It is a grass, not a tree, so it can be cut down and replaced in a short amount of time. In fact, some bamboo species grow four feet per day, and this growth is achieved without pesticides. The plant also requires very little water. With little effort, bamboo can fully mature in just two years (unlike trees, which take up to 60 years to mature).

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