What Kind of Bed Frame Do I Need?

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There are a wide variety of bed frame options available on the market today, from standard steel frames to Glideaway adjustable bed frames in Manhattan, KS and so much more. For most people, though, a simple steel frame will be more than sufficient for their needs.

Even among steel frames, there are many different kinds to choose from. Some will be bolted, some have down hooks that hook them into place. Some connect to a headboard, others connect to a headboard and footboard and still others can just be used by themselves. In many cases, the kind of frame you choose will depend on the kind of headboard or footboard you choose, if any.

Our team would love to help you in your decision-making process. Here are the categories of headboard and footboard options that will determine what kind of frame you need. A wood headboard is any kind of headboard or footboard made out of wood such as pine, oak, cherry, cedar, spruce or otherwise, while a metal headboard is more likely to be made with brass, iron, antique brass or steel.

Metal headboard

Bed frames that are to be paired only with metal headboards will generally only be available in a bolt-up style of frame, so that makes your decision easy if you know you’re going to be using a metal headboard.

Wood headboard and footboard, no side rails

This kind of bed allows you to use a frame that has the steel rails running head to foot. Down hooks will attach the frame to the bed. If you’re using this setup for a king or queen bed, you might need to have an extra support bar with support feet in the center.

Metal headboard and footboard

When using a metal bed that has both a headboard and footboard, it is most likely that the frame will bolt up on both ends with a set of matching nuts, bolts and washers. The long steel frames will typically be made with steel or angle iron. Here again, it is important for the larger king and queen mattresses in Manhattan, KS to have supports at the center that will not only keep the bed standing, but prevent potential damage to the bed and the mattress set.

Wood headboard and footboard, wood side rails

A more old-fashioned style of bed is to add wooden side rails to the wood headboard and footboard. While this is still a practice that occurs in bed manufacturing, no longer are there usually wooden slats that run the width of the bed. Instead, they’ll generally be made with steel and screwed in place, and have adjustable feet that help to bear the load. Typically, this helps to give the wood side rails some extra support and to keep the wood from splitting.

For more information about the various bed frame options we carry at Beds For Less, contact our mattress store in Manhattan, KS or pay us a visit today. We look forward to helping you find everything you need for many good nights’ sleep!

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