Four Health Benefits of Adjustable Bed Frames

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When shopping for a new bed frame, most people opt for a standard frame that lies flat. But what happens if you need to elevate a part of your body as you sleep and don’t want to prop yourself up with a pile of pillows? You might benefit from an adjustable bed frame, which provides you the option of changing the way you lie as you sleep, whether for comfort or medical purposes.

Check out some of the positive aspects of investing in adjustable bed frames in Manhattan, KS.

What is an adjustable bed frame?

Adjustable bed frames are motorized frames that allow you to raise and lower the head and foot portions of the bed, usually with the push of a button on a remote. Most adjustable beds work best with flexible foam mattresses, so they can bend with ease as you adjust the bed to your desired position.

More and more mattress companies are coming out with their own versions of adjustable bed frames. Some even offer dual-person frames that can be adjusted for each individual. Thus, you’re sure to find an adjustable bed frame in Manhattan, KS that works for you.

Benefits of using an adjustable bed frame

There are quite a few health benefits associated with sleeping on an adjustable bed frame, regardless of whether it’s medically necessary or not:

  • Alleviates and prevents back or neck pain: Many people suffer from neck and back pain due to a variety of underlying conditions, and poor sleep posture can make symptoms worse for everyone. An adjustable bed frame can potentially ease neck and back pain by helping you find a more comfortable position, relieving pressure on your neck and/or back and reducing the stress and tension your spine endures while you sleep.
  • Better digestion: Lying flat shortly after eating can lead to painful heartburn and even interrupt digestion of your food. By sleeping with your head slightly elevated, you can prevent acid from creeping up the esophagus and causing acid reflux symptoms.
  • Improves respiration: Sleeping flat on your back can be dangerous for people with asthma or other respiratory problems because the airways can be restricted or obstructed by mucus. Using an adjustable bed frame can help you sleep with your head and neck elevated to avoid breathing problems. Even people who don’t have a diagnosed respiratory issue might breathe more easily with slight elevation of the upper body.
  • Better comfort and sleep: Adjustable bed frames allow you to find the most comfortable sleeping position for you, which helps you sleep more easily at night. Better sleep can have widespread benefits for your health, including an improved immune system, better mental health and a reduced risk of chronic disease.

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