Protect Your Mattress with a Mattress Protector!

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You’re in the mattress showroom at your local bedding store and you’ve just chosen the perfect mattress. You pick out a new set of pillows, a new comforter and sheets and maybe even a few other bedding items, but you might be missing something: a mattress protector.

A mattress protector is an essential but often-forgotten part of your new bedding set. Despite its thin, small appearance, a good mattress protector can have a major impact on the quality and longevity of your new mattress. At Beds For Less, we carry some of the best mattress protectors in Manhattan, KS, and urge our new customers to get one to protect their investment.

What is a mattress protector?

A mattress protector is a thin swath of fabric that covers your mattress as a base layer. Some mattress protectors are applied on top of the mattress just like a fitted sheet, while others may surround the entire mattress from top to bottom. You put a mattress protector directly on top of your mattress and below pillow toppers, sheets and blankets.

Most mattress protectors are made out of waterproof materials like vinyl or water-resistant, breathable materials.

Benefits of mattress protectors

Mattress protectors may be small and thin, but they are mighty when it comes to keeping your mattress in great shape.

The biggest benefit of a mattress protector is its ability to protect your new mattress from food and liquids. If you eat or drink in bed, or if you have pets or children who might have an accident, you don’t want any liquids to seep down into your mattress. Mattresses can be quite difficult to clean, and stains are almost impossible to remove (and they can void your warranty). Your mattress protector acts as a protective barrier between your mattress and any food, liquids and dirt that may find themselves on your bed so you can clean them up right away.

Additionally, you sweat while you sleep, and a mattress protector can help protect your mattress from that, too! Without a mattress protector, your sweat and dead skin can enter the mattress, making it unsanitary and also reducing its quality and “new feeling” over time. Protected mattresses feel like new for longer because they are kept clean and dry.

Finally, mattress protectors are excellent for people with asthma or breathing problems. Dust and airborne pathogens circulate through every room and can settle into your mattress over time. When you sleep on an unprotected mattress, you’ll breathe in all that dust, potentially aggravating asthma symptoms. Using a cleanable mattress cover allows you to prevent dust from settling into your mattress and breathe more easily while you sleep.

How to find the best mattress protectors in Manhattan, KS

When you purchase a new mattress, make finding a quality mattress protector a priority. Check online reviews to see which models customers like the most and look at the items’ details, since not all mattress protectors are the same.

You’ll probably want to find one that’s made of a water-resistant but breathable material and that isn’t easy to detect under sheets for the most comfort.

If you want to protect your new mattress the right way, stop by the Beds For Less showroom and browse our selection! We carry a wide range of the best mattress protectors in Manhattan, KS, so you’re sure to find one that meets your needs. Visit us today!

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