Tips for Choosing the Best Bedding for You

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You’ve probably heard it said that you should not be afraid to invest in your mattress, considering you spend about a third of your life lying down in bed. But the mattress isn’t the only thing that influences the quality of sleep you get—you also need to consider the quality of the bedding you use.

Here are just a few things you should consider as you decide which type of bedding you’ll use for your Manhattan, KS home:

  • Thread count isn’t the end-all be-all: Yes, thread count is something you should take into consideration, and it is important to an extent. However, modern marketing for bed sets has led some people to believe thread count is the only thing they need to look at when it comes to fabric quality. While thread count is something you should at least consider, you should generally look for fine cotton sheets, which feature threads that are both stronger and softer and hold up to repeated washes even when they have lower thread counts.
  • Regularly wash sheets to keep them in good shape: Your choice of bedding won’t end up making much of a difference if you fail to keep your bedding clean. Your sheets and pillowcases will absorb body oils, skin cells and bacteria, and you should wash them at least once a week. Pillows in particular soak up a lot of bacteria, so you should wash the pillows either once a month (for synthetic) or every other month (for down). Duvet inserts should be washed monthly. If you have pets who like to sleep on the bed, consider putting an extra quilt over your bed when it’s made, then take it off at bedtime.
  • Nothing lasts forever: No matter how much of an investment you put into your sheet quality, you should keep in mind that nothing lasts forever. You should replace pillows once a year or more. Duvet inserts should be replaced if they start to have sheer patches or look misshapen. Sheets should be able to last you for five years at high quality, sometimes more, but after that you should seriously consider replacing them.
  • Mix your designs: Pick a focal piece for your bedding, such as a duvet or quilt or sheet set, and find ways to pair it. It helps to establish a color palette you want to work with—that will make it a whole lot easier for you to select and mix patterns to create a more luxurious and sophisticated look for your bedroom.
  • Layer: Layering is important both for aesthetics and for comfort. We recommend using a few lightweight layers—sheets, a coverlet, a quilt and a duvet, that you can easily peel back to find the right sleeping temperature and comfort level no matter the time of year.

For more information about some of the factors that should go into your selections of bedding and mattress accessories in Manhattan, KS, we encourage you to contact Beds For Less today with any questions you have and we will be more than happy to help.

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