What Is Your Sleep Style and What Does It Say About You?

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If there’s absolutely one thing that connects every kind of person on the planet, it’s sleep. We all look forward to our head hitting the pillow after a hard day of work or a fun night out on the town. We love to pull the sheets up to our neck on cold nights and slide into a comfortable position to snooze the night away.

You may not realize that the way you tuck yourself in each night says a lot about your personality. Before you hit mattress sales in Manhattan, KS in search of your next great bed, you might want to find out what your sleep position says about you.

The fencepost

When the lights go out, do you instinctively clap your arms to your side and sleep the night through on your back, barely moving? You are most likely a shy person, reserved in public places. That said, you still require a whole lot of the people around you, and you hold yourself and them up to high standards.

The fetal position

If you like to curl up tight into a ball, the odds are good that you’re just trying to protect a soft inner self from the outside world. People who sleep in the fetal position often put up a tough front, even though they’re secretly sensitive. In fact, two times more women than men sleep in the fetal position.

The pillow pal

Are you the kind of person who believes that mattress sales in Manhattan, KS should include a few extra pillows for cuddling? Then you’re the kind of person who likes to be cozy, to sink into your sheets and feel truly enveloped in comfort.

The reacher

One of the most common positions to sleep in is the reacher. If you sleep on your side, with your arms outstretched, that’s you. These people are open-minded, but once they’ve got their opinion set, that’s that.

The spreader

If you go to sleep in one position, only to find when you wake up that you’ve spread out across the bed, then you’re not alone. The spreader may not be the most fun to share a bed with, but they’re often compassionate, caring individuals who love nothing more than helping out a friend.

Find your perfect night’s sleep

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