What’s a Hybrid Mattress?

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For those that have trouble sleeping through the night due to lingering aches and pains, a mattress that combines the ultimate comfort with firm support may sound like a dream. Fortunately, hybrid mattresses are able to offer the best of both worlds for an enjoyable night’s rest. Your local mattress sales specialists in Manhattan, KS are here to help you learn a little bit more about the technology that makes hybrid mattresses so beneficial, and some of the customizable options you can add to your mattress to elevate your level of sleep each night.

What is a hybrid mattress?

A hybrid mattress combines the stability of a traditional spring system and the soothing relief and comfort provided by memory foam, latex or gel, all sandwiched together to ensure a restful night’s sleep. On the bottom layer is one inch of foam that serves as the base support and padding for the mattress. The innerspring layer, typically between seven and eight inches thick, is just above this base, providing ample spinal support.

The top layer of the mattress contains the cushion, often composed of three to four inches of memory foam, latex and cool-inducing gel, to provide you with the highest level of comfort. Those that prefer more cushioning while they sleep may even consider the option to sew an extra one or two inches of pillowtop into the top layer.

Exploring the benefits of hybrid mattresses

While the hybrid mattress combines many components from memory foam and gel mattresses, there are a few stark differences in what the former can provide for sleepers. While foam mattresses are designed to completely envelop and mold to the shape of your body, hybrid mattresses add in enough buoyancy to provide a firm layer of support to supplement the comfort of the foam.

This middle ground makes a hybrid mattress ideal for those that suffer from back or neck pain, as mattresses that are either too firm, or not firm enough, will only serve to worsen the pain. With the cushioned top layer of foam reacting to spinal contact points and elevating the hips, and the rigid stability providing enhanced support from the underlying spring layer, hybrid mattresses will serve as a welcome relief for those who routinely wake up with more aches and pains than they had when they went to sleep the night before.

Research has shown how vital the connection between getting sufficient, high-quality sleep and mental acuity and energy levels can be, and that begins with the type of mattress you rest on each night. For help finding the right mattress at a great price, contact Beds For Less, where our mattress sales team is sure to have exactly what you need for the best possible night of sleep. With our vast collection of affordable hybrid mattresses, and all of the bedding accessories in Manhattan, KS you will ever need, we are ready to ensure that your next night of sleep is your best one yet. Pay us a visit today!

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