Why Buy a Mattress Topper?

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A mattress topper can be a great choice if you’re interested in enhancing the comfort of your bed and the quality of your sleep. This should not be confused with a mattress pad—a mattress pad’s purpose is to provide extra protection for the mattress with a small level of additional softness or comfort. Toppers are specifically designed for comfort, though they may appear very similar to mattress pads.

Toppers are generally much more expensive than mattress pads, because of the extra thickness and comfort they provide. While they don’t provide as much protection for your mattress as a pad, that might not be what you’re looking for anyway.

If you’re looking for mattress accessories in Manhattan, KS, here are a few examples of some of the primary benefits of using a mattress topper.

Bring your mattress back to life

Mattresses can start to get flattened out over time, which will result in their losing some of their comfort. This will happen very gradually, so you probably won’t even notice it right away until you start developing back pain or other types of pain while sleeping.

A mattress topper can bring back some of the old comfort of your bed so you don’t have to put the full investment into a new mattress. While a new mattress will eventually be necessary, the smaller investment in a mattress topper can extend its life for years.

Customize your comfort

When using a mattress topper, you’re able to create a bit of customization in terms of firmness, which is especially beneficial if you have two people sharing the same bed. You could choose to add a topper only on one side of the bed. Memory foam toppers make this especially easy, and have the added benefit of limiting disturbance to the other person if you tend to move around at night.

Easily adjust your firmness

Mattress toppers might not simply be used to increase the comfort level of your mattress, but also to create a more customized feeling to your bed. Perhaps you purchased your mattress but find it has a different level of firmness than you expected. Maybe you have gained or lost weight, and that has resulted in a different sleeping experience. Perhaps you simply want to switch things up a bit.

With a mattress topper, you will be able to give yourself the exact level of firmness you’re looking for, no matter what kind of mattress you’re sleeping on. Memory foam and latex increase firmness and supportiveness, while featherbeds create a softer feel.

There’s a variety of different mattress topper materials available for you to consider, including cotton, wool, latex, memory foam and featherbed. Each has its own unique properties, advantages and drawbacks. Consider the firmness you’re looking for, how much extra warmth you need and simply what you find most comfortable.

To learn more about mattress toppers and your available options, contact Beds For Less or visit our mattress store in Manhattan, KS. We’d be glad to answer your questions and show you what we have in stock!

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