What Mattresses Do Five-Star Hotels Use?

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Luxury hotels depend on their customers enjoying every aspect of their visit, from the ease of check-in to the in-room amenities and comforts. This includes an inviting bed with a cozy mattress. Many travelers get home from their adventures to find their beds are no longer as comfortable as the ones they slept on at the hotel!

Customers often visit our mattress store in Manhattan, KS after returning from a vacation. They want to find a mattress like the one they slept on at the hotel where they stayed during their trip. But unless you checked the tag, you probably have no clue what you want other than the mattress you used at that specific hotel.

Industry secret: Hotels use customized mattresses

When people visit us to shop for the mattresses and mattress accessories in Manhattan, KS that they enjoyed on their vacations, they’re often surprised to learn that those furnishings aren’t readily available. Believe it or not, major hotel brands have their mattresses, pillows and linens specially designed and manufactured for their lodgings.

As we previously mentioned, these companies are in the business of providing their customers with the best night’s sleep available. That includes offering bed furnishings people won’t find anywhere else. These massive brands invest lots of time and money into researching and developing furnishings their guests will love. Ultimately, hotel businesses aim to make visitors as comfortable as possible while ensuring they sleep restfully every night during their stay.

Shopping for a five-star hotel-quality mattress

While hotels produce their own specially-designed bedding, you can shop for similarly constructed options at our top-rated mattress store in Manhattan, KS:

  • Memory foam: A popular choice for mattresses in high-end hotels, memory foam works well for everyone, as it conforms to each user’s body and preferred sleeping position. That’s one of the many reasons hotel brands like Marriott and Four Seasons outfit their rooms with memory foam mattresses.
  • Innerspring: These mattresses combine the support of springs with the comfort of memory foam, latex or pillowtop cushioning. You’ll find innerspring mattresses in Marriott and Fairmont properties. You may find either innerspring or memory foam mattresses in Marriott hotels because this conglomerate owns several hotel brands. The setup for each one is different.
  • Latex: If you’re someone who enjoys a firmer mattress, you’ve probably enjoyed the many synthetic and natural latex mattresses found in numerous five-star hotels. While latex beds are firmer than varieties made with other materials, they still offer the plush comfort you find with pillowtop or memory foam mattresses.

As a first-rate mattress store in Manhattan, KS, Beds For Less stocks numerous mattresses and accessories in the sizes and styles you need. Our inventory includes trusted brand names. We also offer no-credit financing, so you can find the right mattress at a price that works with your budget.

Stop by Beds For Less to shop the biggest and best selection of mattresses and accessories in the area. You can trust our informative sales staff to guide you through the buying process without uncomfortable negotiations. Feel free to contact us now if you have any questions about our inventory, location or hours!

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