Advancements in Mattress Technology

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We’ve come a long way in recent years in terms of providing comfortable mattresses that are attuned to the individual’s needs. Mattresses now come in a range of materials, from the classic coil springs to polyurethane foam, latex, polyester fiber and more.

There isn’t really a “best” mattress, as each person has slightly different requirements in what they’re looking for, but recent advancements mean you can pick a mattress that is perfect for you. And if you’re looking for mattress sales in Manhattan, KS, Beds for Less offers high-quality mattresses at very affordable prices—come check out our selection!

History of mattress development

In the early 20th century, the coil system was introduced. This discovery was a big leap for the mattress field, as previously mattresses were mostly animal hides filled with straw or feathers. Early innerspring mattresses utilized a series of steel coils that were covered with wool or natural fibers.

The coil-based mattress was the standard for many decades. Then, in the 1980s, polyurethane-based memory foam mattresses were introduced. Now you can get a wide range of materials that are both synthetic and natural.

How mattresses have harnessed technology

One of the leading companies in mattress technology is Tempur-Pedic. It latest is the Tempur-Pedic LUXEbreeze Firm, which is a breakthrough after five years of development. This mattress uses a revolutionary cell structure that has capacity to adapt to each individual person and conform to their body. All of your muscles and curves are better supported and balanced due to this innovative mattress.

Another leader in the field is Beautyrest. The Beautyrest Black Luxury Adjustable Base is a great complement to any of their mattresses. That’s because it provides support in all the places you need it. No more do you have to continually wedge pillows to find comfort for your back and shoulders. This is a no-hassle way to get a high level of comfort.

The future of mattresses

Sleep technology continues to develop in new and exciting ways. For example, did you know your bed becomes significantly heavier the longer you own it? That’s because of the accumulation of dead skin, dust mites and other debris that collects on a well-used mattress. Gross! In the years to come, you may see mattresses that come with technology that allows them to more effectively self-clean.

Another potential innovation is temperature regulation. A mattress that can respond to the atmospheric temperature could offer more restful sleep for users. The same goes for the future of pillows—no more having to turn it over to the cool side!

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