Why Can’t You Just Flip Your Mattress Like in the Old Days?

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If you’re of a certain age (or just grew up with old mattresses), you probably remember the days where flipping mattresses was a quarterly event. For years, fiber-filled spring mattresses were all that were available. As pillow tops and memory foam have come into fashion, however, there’s less of a need to flip your mattress. Before you walk into your local mattress store in Manhattan, KS, it’s a good idea to understand what kind of care the new mattresses require.

What kind of mattresses need to be flipped?

Mattresses with fiber fill—cotton, wool and polyester—need to be flipped every so often to adjust the fibers. Over time and with use, the fibers settle. Flipping the mattress fluffs the fiber, making it more comfortable all over. It also prevents the mattress from wearing down in one particular area.

These mattresses are sometimes referred to as “two-sided,” since there’s no obvious top or bottom. Both sides have identical padding, so you can sleep on either. They are significantly less popular now than they were in the 1980s and 1990s, but they’re still available for purchase. When you’re buying a new mattress, it’s smart to find out whether it’s one- or two-sided.

What about pillow tops?

Pillow tops started to show up in the 1980s, along with much thicker mattresses. Before pillow tops, a mattress was usually no more than 10 inches thick: there would be a five-inch inner spring set on top of a layer of thick padding on either side. With pillow tops, mattress thickness increased to about 15 inches. Early pillow top mattresses didn’t last as long as two-sided mattresses, thanks to the lack of support—but you also couldn’t flip them, or you’d miss out on the soft top.

Today, one-sided mattresses are far more common, even if they don’t feature a pillow top. Certain kinds of mattresses, like those from Casper and Purple, are still designed with distinct one-sided layers of padding. In fact, flipping those kinds of mattresses can actually damage them and make it harder to sleep. The top layers of padding are designed to be cooler and circulate more air, which means you can only really sleep on one side.

Rotate instead of flipping

Instead of flipping these mattresses, you should rotate them. Every three to six months, you should turn your mattress so the head of the bed is now at the foot. This will help the mattress wear evenly—which means it will last longer—while still allowing you to sleep on the pillow top or topmost padding layers. In turn, you’ll get a better night’s sleep for the entire lifespan of the mattress.

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