The Top Six Mattresses to Purchase for Side Sleepers

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Do you sleep on your side? If so, you’re not alone—in fact, you’re in the majority. It has been shown that most people sleep on their sides. But not all mattresses are designed to accommodate this.

No matter how expensive a mattress may be or how high quality it claims to be, if a mattress is not a good fit for you, you’re going to experience poor sleep and maybe even health problems like pain in your joints or back. Fortunately, there are mattress options available that work better for side sleepers.

Here are some of the best side sleeper mattresses available today.

Helix Midnight

The Helix mattress lineup’s most popular model is the Helix Midnight. This is a medium-firmness-rated, hybrid mattress with memory foam layers as well as individually-wrapped coils, giving you a comfortable and supportive sleep experience. The memory foam layer gives pressure relief and zoned support to match your body type. A pocket-coil layer assists in supporting your shoulders and hips.

Saatva Classic

For side sleepers looking for a little luxury, the Saatva Classic may be the perfect solution. This mattress is customizable with three different firmness levels, sizes and heights. It is a hybrid, memory foam and pocketed-coil mattress made with eco-friendly materials. And as a luxury brand, Saatva’s customer service is unmatched by other online mattress brands.

WinkBeds Gravity Lux

For whatever reason, side sleepers tend to prefer a memory foam mattress. This can feel comfortable at first, especially as the memory foam sets and begins to cradle your body, but at the end of the night, some don’t provide a lot of support. The Gravity Lux mattress by WinkBeds is made with a high-density core foam that helps you maintain a healthy posture while you sleep, taking pressure off your lower back. It’s available in three firmness levels.

DreamCloud Premier

If you want layers in your mattress, check out the DreamCloud Premier. This hybrid mattress has five layers of memory foam and coils. It’s been rated as one of the most durable mattresses for side sleepers. It includes 5 ½ inches of pressure-relieving foam layers, a cashmere-blend cover, gel-infused foam and pocketed coils.

Puffy Lux

If pressure relief is your top priority, check out the Puffy Lux. This memory foam mattress has three layers of high-quality memory foam, resulting in incredible pressure relief. This soft sleeper will cradle your pressure points, especially the shoulders and hips, while still supporting healthy spine alignment. It also includes an extra layer of cooling memory foam.


If you lead an athletic lifestyle, consider a Bear mattress. This foam mattress has a soft, breathable cover with a layer of very effective cooling memory foam on top. It will help relieve sore muscles and provide extra lumbar support.

Whether you need a side sleeper mattress or any other mattress options, contact or pay a visit to Beds For Less for the best deals and selection today. We’ll help you find a mattress that meets the needs of anyone in your household!

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