Fact or Fiction: Can a Good Mattress Lead to Better Sleep?

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There are many factors that go into helping you get a better night’s sleep. From reducing stress in your everyday life to watching what you eat or drink, many of these things are related to your lifestyle choices. But if you’re having trouble sleeping, it might be your mattress.

There are many types of mattresses available on the market today, and not every mattress will be a good fit for every type of sleeper. Some mattresses are better for side sleepers, while some are better for back sleepers. The quality of a mattress also matters.

Here’s what to consider when shopping for a mattress that can help with improving sleep.

Take your time browsing

Just because a mattress is expensive or highly rated doesn’t mean it’s going to improve your sleep. The most important part of choosing a mattress is making sure it is the right construction and feel for how you sleep.

It used to be that if you wanted to buy a mattress, the only option you had was to go to a mattress store or department store. These days, there are many mattress companies that primarily sell online, with mattresses delivered right to your door. This can be a great convenience, but the trade-off is that you’re essentially buying a mattress blind.

Consider the return policy

If you choose to buy a mattress online, make sure to carefully read their return policy. You may know after 30 minutes of lying on it that it’s not right for you, but it might take 30 days before realizing it isn’t the right fit. Remember, you’re going to be spending a third of your life on this piece of furniture, so it needs to be the right fit.

This holds true for online purchases as well as mattresses purchased in person. Just because it felt good in the store doesn’t mean it will be the right fit a month or more from now. Read the fine print on the return policy to see how long you will have to decide whether to return the mattress or keep it—90 days should be a minimum—as well as the details of the return policy.

Shop in person

Despite the convenience and technological advancements of online mattress sales, there’s no substitute for trying out a mattress in person. You can tell more about whether or not a mattress is going to be a good fit for you in 15 minutes of lying on it in your usual sleeping position than hours of research online.

As far as longevity, there are some big differences between foam, latex, spring and hybrid mattresses. Foam mattresses tend to last about eight to 10 years; spring mattresses may last only five years; and latex and hybrid mattresses can last 25 years or more without losing support.

If you’re ready to get a better night’s sleep and start waking up refreshed each morning, contact Beds For Less for the best deals and selections on mattresses to start improving your sleep today.

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