Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Mattress

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Soreness and poor sleep can bring up the question, “When should I replace my mattress?” If your bed is less than comfortable, you already know the answer—but tossing and turning at night isn’t your only concern.

Here’s a full list of the signs that you need a new mattress.

You wake up with a sore back

Aches and pains could mean it’s time for a new mattress. The materials break down over time and provide less support to your body. People with old mattresses typically feel sore in the neck, lower back, hips or spine. Pain that fades as the day goes on is a sure sign that your mattress is to blame.

The mattress sags or feels lumpy

Lumps, bumps and sagging are all clear signs you’re not getting the support you need. A good mattress will snap back to its original shape shortly after you climb out of it. Signs that you need a new mattress include a dip where you sleep or bodily impressions that linger all day.

The mattress is visibly damaged

Visible damage is a clear sign your mattress is past its prime. A quick glance at your bed can help you answer the question, “When should I replace my mattress?” If you see rips, stains, uneven surfaces or protruding coils, the answer is right away. Wear and tear means the mattress is no longer capable of providing you the necessary support.

Your allergies won’t go away

Some mattress issues aren’t visible on the surface. If you’re sleeping on an old mattress, your seasonal allergies could stick around all year long. Allergens such as mold and dust mites can trigger symptoms like sneezing, congestion, itchiness and watery eyes. The older your mattress gets, the more allergens it will harbor.

You toss and turn at night

People wondering, “When should I replace my mattress?” must first assess the quality of their sleep. Mattresses that have gone soft and broken down cause recurring sleep disturbances. Sags and lumps lead to discomfort that keeps you up at night. If you sleep better on different beds, it’s time to replace your mattress.

There are critters lurking in the bed

People exposed to bedbugs have to buy a new mattress, even if it’s in good condition. You can encounter bedbugs when you spend the night at a lodging or sit on old furniture. Upon returning home, these pesky critters can infiltrate your bed and other fabrics in the house.

You’ve had the mattress for too long

The surest sign that you need a new mattress is that you’ve owned it for too many years. The lifespan of a mattress depends on its material. Innerspring mattresses are good for about eight years, but memory foam can last 10 years or longer. If you don’t know the age of your mattress, the other signs discussed here can help you make an informed decision.

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