Mattress Pads: Do I Really Need One?

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Do you need a mattress pad or protector? (Did you realize those are two separate things?) When you invest in a new mattress, obviously you’ll want to keep it in great shape—but do you need a mattress pad or protector to meet that goal?

Here’s a quick guide to mattress pads, protectors and whether or not you need them. Read on to learn the tips you need to help you choose.

Mattress pads

Mattress pads are a pad or piece of memory foam that sits between the mattress and your sheets. Their main purpose is to provide additional comfort, whether you have a brand-new mattress or your old one is starting to feel uncomfortable. Mattress pads will protect your mattress to a certain extent—that is, any spills, sweat or other stains probably won’t make their way to the mattress itself.

Mattress pads are not necessary, especially if you’ve just bought a new one; however, you might want to get one for additional comfort, hypoallergenic properties or other factors that can make your sleep more comfortable. If your old mattress is starting to feel uncomfortable, a mattress pad can help you get a few more years of use.

Mattress protectors

Mattress protectors have a different function. Unlike mattress pads, which are for comfort, mattress protectors exist to protect the mattress and extend its lifespan.

First, the mattress is protected from stains. You might not realize that some mattress companies consider stains to be cause for voiding the warranty. Even if you’re a neat and tidy person, accidents happen, whether you spill breakfast in bed or your pet decides that they need to mark their territory. A mattress protector will keep stains off the mattress.

Second, mattress protectors can help with allergies. Dust, skin cells, insects and other debris can accumulate in your mattress. Since we usually spend at least eight hours per day asleep in bed, that’s a long time to be face-to-face with your allergens. A mattress protector seals your mattress from allergens and other pollutants.

Next a mattress protector can help by keeping out bed bugs. As you probably know, bed bugs are extremely invasive, hard to kill and can leave behind an itchy, painful trail of destruction. Keep them out of your mattress by using a mattress protector.

Finally, mattress protectors can help with temperature control. They often come with breathable and specialty fabrics that keep you cool while you sleep. This is a great choice for people who tend to wake up in the middle of the night and throw off the covers.

Bottom line

Do you need a mattress protector or mattress pad? Probably not. However, both of them offer unique benefits that can extend your mattress’s lifespan, protect the warranty and make you feel more comfortable.

If you’re not sure what kind of mattress protector or pad you should try, contact or stop by Beds for Less today. We’d be glad to help you find the right mattress and accessories to make your sleep experience the best it’s ever been.

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