Tips for Choosing a Comfort Level for Your Next Mattress

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How firm do you like your mattress to be? The comfort level of a mattress can be a tricky discussion to have since everyone has a different preference. Your preference can even vary depending upon your shape, size, and even bodyweight. There are some guidelines that you can use to better understand how to find the perfect mattress for you.

Mattress firmness refers to how you feel when lying on it. For example, do you sink into your mattress, or does your body just rest right on top of it? Sometimes you may even experience pushback. To help you understand the firmness of a mattress, a scale of 1 to 10 is used to determine the firmness of a mattress. For example, a 1/10 would indicate an extremely soft mattress, while a 10/10 would be the firmest.

Soft Mattress

If you want to know how to tell if a mattress is too soft or firm, soft mattresses generally fall within the 3-5/10 range. Soft mattresses are equipped with memory foam and pillow tops to add more layers. They are sometimes called “comfort” layers. They also provide body contouring and pressure relief for many people. There is normally little to no pushback on a soft mattress. This means that instead of feeling on top of the mattress, you will sink more into it.

Medium Firm Mattress

The majority of medium-firm mattresses fall within the 6-7/10 range. These mattresses consist of soft foam top layers that have stronger foundations. These can help provide much-needed support and pressure relief.

You may or may not experience sinking with a medium-firm mattress. Instead, you are more likely to feel on top of the bed. These mattresses are perfect for back sleepers or combination sleepers.

Firm Mattress

Firm mattresses are the last type of mattress you can purchase and typically fall between the 8-10/10 range. These mattresses don’t consist of various comfort layers. Instead, they consist of a thin layer of foam on top of poly foam or springs. This makes these mattresses extremely supportive. Firm mattresses offer a lot of pushback, so they are perfect for heavier people and stomach sleepers.

Final Thoughts

When considering mattress firmness and support, many people may assume that the two go together. However, firmness is what you feel immediately when lying down on a mattress. Support refers to how well the mattress keeps your spine aligned. This means that you can ultimately find a mattress that is firm with no support or a soft mattress that offers a lot of support.

When considering how firm you’d like your mattress to be, keep your sleeping position in mind, as well as your weight and the amount of hug or sinkage you prefer. This will allow you to find the firmness levels of your dreams.

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