What Are The Three Types of Bedding?

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You have likely used the term bedding numerous times but do you really know what it’s all about? What is bedding? Bedding is anything that covers your mattress or supports your head. Different Types of Bedding The three primary types of bedding are bedsheets, blankets, and pillows. However, there is more to bedding than these. Here are different types of bedding; Mattress covers and protectors: As their name suggests, these encase the mattress and protect it from spills, bedbugs, dust mites, and mold, and some can regulate temperature. If you have allergies, you can go for a hypoallergenic mattress cover, which protects against allergens. ... View Article

What Are the Benefits of Buying a Mattress In-Store?

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You are likely to keep your mattress for many years once you purchase it, and you will be using it every day. Today, shopping for mattresses has become much easier thanks to the rise of online vendors. If you are looking to buy a bed, you are likely considering making your purchase online because it seems more convenient. However, sleep experts advise that it’s best you purchase your mattress in a store near you. Why Should You Buy Mattress in the Store? Buying mattresses from the store has been around since the invention of mattresses, and it comes with several advantages... View Article

What Is the Most Popular Bed Size for 2022?

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There is no doubt that after a hard day at work, you want to retire to bed and enjoy a relaxing rest. It is everyone’s desire. However, it is not always easy, especially if you cannot find the right bed and mattress size.For that reason, many people ask important questions such as, what is the best size beds for everyone, what are some common bed sizes,  and what is the most popular king size bed? Finding the right answers to these questions will satisfy your curiosity and help you find the right bed for your own comfort. Bed and mattress manufacturers... View Article

What Makes a Good Innerspring Mattress?

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At Beds for Less, we can help you find the best innerspring mattresses to ensure that you get the best quality for your money. But what traits make up the best mattresses? How can you tell which is right for you? Let’s take a quick look at some of these factors to ensure that you understand your options. Firmness A firm mattress can help provide you with a stable and comfortable sleeping environment that makes your nights more relaxing. A great innerspring mattress should provide that high firmness level you want while keeping you comfortable while you rest at night. That... View Article