Why Would You Want a California King Bed?

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Shopping for a new bed is a vital task that will affect your sleep quality and overall comfort. You probably already know some common options for mattresses, but you might be unaware of the California king and its benefits. Here’s a little information on the California king model and why you should consider purchasing one the next time you shop for a bed.

California King vs. King Bed

The dimensions are the most significant difference between a regular king bed and a California king model. However, California king models are not bigger than king-size beds all around, as some think. The king bed is usually 80 inches long, while the California option is 84 inches. The two models differ in width as well. The regular king bed is 76 inches wide, but the California model is 72. Thus, the California king purchase might be an excellent option for you in certain instances but not in others. 

Why Would You Want a California King Mattress?

One of the most prevalent reasons to consider purchasing a California king mattress is to accommodate your height. The regular king mattress can only accommodate people up to 6’8," and it might not be comfortable for individuals 6’4" and over who want to have several inches above their head and below their feet. In this case, a California king is an excellent option because of its length and support of up to seven feet. 

On the other hand, a regular king mattress is wider, and the extra inches can support couples who like to cuddle together or little families who want to have their children in between them.  

How To Know if a California King Bed Is Right for You

You’ll need to consider three things before choosing whether to purchase a regular king bed or a California king. The first thing to consider is your and your mate’s sizes and whether you have a child who might rest with you. Secondly, you need to consider the size of the room where you intend to place the bed. It might be wise to take the room’s dimensions before making a final purchase decision. 

Finally, pricing is an essential factor to consider. California king beds are generally more expensive; thus, a regular king-size bed is the more budget-friendly purchasing option. 

What Are the Best California King Mattresses?

The best California king mattresses are the ones that meet your specific needs. Wellsville manufactures some gorgeous memory foam mattresses if your goal is to sink into a good night’s sleep, and Probreeze has some amazing hybrid options with special temperature cooling technologies. Alternatively, you can shop for traditional firm mattresses by Sealy if you want something that offers back support. A reliable retailer like Beds for Less! can connect you with the perfect model for your happiness. 

Take the time to research several models and features before you decide which mattress is best for you. The California king might be the most suitable choice.  

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