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With so many choices available it can be tough for you to find the right mattress. After all, you spend at least a third of your life on your mattress. You want to make sure the mattress you choose will be comfortable. But how do you decide?

At Beds For Less, we advise that you come into our showroom so you can try out mattresses and choose which one feels best to you. It’s nearly impossible to judge how well you’ll sleep on a mattress online.

To further complicate the issue, there’s no industry standard for firmness. Plus it’s important to know that comfort and support are two completely different things. That’s great news if you have a bad back, but hate sleeping on a firm or extra firm mattress. To help simplify your visit to our Manhattan, KS store, take a look at our mattress comfort guide below.


Here’s the mattress many people believe they have to sleep on if they have back problems. But if you prefer a medium or softer comfort level mattress, you don’t have to. Your sleep position and the level of firmness you feel comfortable sleeping on is actually what you should base your mattress choice on. Side sleepers should still probably stay away from firm mattresses to avoid pain and soreness or a difficult night’s rest. If you sleep on your back, you’ll probably like a firm mattress and some of you stomach sleepers will like them as well.
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Plush mattresses feel soft when you lie down. They are usually too soft to provide a comfortable sleep for stomach sleepers. However, they still offer plenty of good support and are more comfortable for side sleepers because they don’t put any added pressure on hips or shoulders. If you like that feeling of just sinking into bed then a plush mattress is the best choice for you. Plus plush mattresses are usually still comfortable for most back sleepers. This means they’re a good choice if one person loves a softer mattress but the other person sleeps on their back and usually chooses a medium or firm mattress.
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Ultra Plush

Ultra Plush mattresses are the softest comfort level mattress available. They place zero pressure on your body and are great for side sleepers or people who suffer from chronic pain issues. Some back sleepers might like an ultra plush mattress, but most stomach sleepers probably won’t sleep well on this type of mattress. Some mattress brands compare sleeping on an ultra plush mattress to sleeping on a cloud. If you’re searching for that feeling or not a heavy sleeper, then an ultra plush comfort level might appeal most to you.
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In addition to the main categories of comfort we’ve mentioned, you can also choose mattresses that come with their own built-in topper. Tempur-Pedic’s Tempur-Contour line is a medium soft mattress with a pillow top that offers support and conforms to your body so it doesn’t apply any pressure to it. But no matter what your favorite firmness level is for your mattress, stop by so you can try them all out to see which feels best for you.