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At Beds For Less in Manhattan, KS you can choose your mattress by size including by how many people will need to comfortably sleep on the bed, by the size of the room, or by the age of the person who will be using it. We have the size mattress you need and we can help choose exactly which size would be the best if you’re not sure.

From Sealy Mattresses to Corsicana Mattresses and anything in between including adjustable frames, you can look to this handy mattress guide of which size mattress is best for your needs.


Twin sized mattresses, also known as single size are perfect for younger kids bedrooms, older parent’s rooms, bunk beds, and daybeds. They’re compact, sleep one person and can even be tucked in the corner of your home’s den or office so it can double as a guest room. Twin beds can come with a trundle bed underneath for kids’ sleepovers or provide an extra bed extra guests. The standard size twin mattress is usually too small for most adults, but many brands make an extra long size which is more comfortable. Plus two can be pushed together to create a king-size bed.

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Believe it or not full sized, or “double” beds used to be the standard size for couples. These days double mattresses are used for older kids and in guestrooms where a queen size bed would take up too much space. Like twin beds, double beds aren’t great for people taller than about 5’5” and most couples find them too small and cramped to sleep well in. Full-size mattresses are great for extra wide day beds with or without trundles making them popular in dens and nurseries.

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Queen sized beds are one of the most versatile mattress sizes for sale right now. They’re great for single people, couples and in most guestrooms. They’re roomier than a double bed which means they can comfortably sleep two people. Some people still find them a bit cramped. There’s never a problem finding the perfect queen sized mattress for you either since most manufacturers make them. Corsicana and Sealy make queen mattresses in a wide variety from soft to extra firm and we carry them all.

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King/Cal King

A king-sized bed is the widest non-custom made bed on the market. It’s great for couples because you and your partner can snuggle if you want. Plus it also allows plenty of room so the two of you have more personal space than a Queen allows. King-sized mattresses are great if you have pets who like to sleep on the bed with you because there’s a lot of extra room. If you’re looking for an adjustable bed, you can buy two extra long twin sized mattresses to form a king-sized bed. That way the two of you can both have the perfect bed.

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